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Common signs of dyskinesia include belching, nausea, and the urge to buy crestor online. After eating, the patient develops heaviness in the abdomen. There is a burning pain behind the sternum. The sign is provoked by the reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus. Otherwise, when ulcers form on the walls of the organ. However, such signs of upper esophageal dyskinesia are rare. The general symptomatology of hypomotor disturbance is observed in case of disease in the lower segment. This gap includes the area between the diaphragm and the stomach. When diagnosing this area, the cardia of the lower sphincter is revealed.

To help the patient, you need to contact a gastroenterologist or endoscopist. The doctor will diagnose the detection of esophageal dyskinesia. The complex examination of the patient includes fluoroscopy of the organ. Then they are sent to esophageal manometry, where the contractility of the organ is determined. Exact and basic diagnostic methods are esophagoscopy and endoscopy. In addition, the patient is required to pass general tests of feces and urine. Endoscopy is performed to study violations of the internal organ.

To accurately determine the motor function of the esophagus, special testing of Carvalo is carried out. When the anamnesis is collected, then according to its results, the doctor determines the tactics of treatment. General therapy of esophageal dyskinesia. Treatment is carried out depending on the form of the disease. With increased organ motility, antispasmodics are prescribed. For this, Drotaverine or Papaverine is prescribed. In rare cases, anticholinergics are recommended. When organ motility is reduced, drugs are used to increase esophageal function and muscle strength. To do this, use Bethanechol or Metoclopramide.

For any type of dyskinesia, antacid medications, proton pump inhibitors, vitamin and mineral complexes are used. To bring motor skills back to normal, medications that lower the acidity of gastric juice help. Together with the elimination of the negative environment, the drugs should stop the erosion of the esophageal wall. To do this, it is recommended to use Phosphalugel, Ranitidine or Maalox. The use of proton pump inhibitors is aimed at reducing the acidity of the stomach contents. Of these drugs, it is recommended to buy rosuvastatin online, Omeprazole or Pantoprazole. In addition, vitamin and mineral complexes are prescribed.

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During the treatment of crestor motility disorders due to primary developmental factors, it is required to normalize the general condition of the patient. Soothing medicines or folk recipes using herbal preparations help to eliminate disorders of the nervous system. If dyskinesia occurs with serious provocative factors, doctors prescribe antidepressants. Sometimes a patient with a severe disorder of the nervous system is advised to take antipsychotics. With an integrated approach to the treatment of rosuvastatin, a diet is required.

To follow the doctor's recommendations, food is consumed 5 times a day at regular intervals. In order to be able to cure the disease without complications, the patient must avoid overeating and not take long breaks between meals. With the individual characteristics of the body, spicy, salty and fatty foods should be excluded from the diet.

Dyskinesia of the esophageal tube appears due to order rosuvastatin of the nervous system. However, if there is a disease of the digestive tract or other organs that affect the functioning of neurons, then this is referred to as a manifestation of secondary factors in the development of the disease. If you find symptoms that cause discomfort, you need to see a doctor. A gastroenterologist will conduct a thorough diagnosis and identify tactics on how to treat esophageal motility disorders.

The information on our website is provided by qualified doctors and is for informational purposes only. Do not self-medicate! Be sure to contact a specialist! Gastroenterologist, professor, doctor of medical sciences. Prescribes diagnostics and conducts treatment. Expert of the group on the study of inflammatory diseases. Author of more than 300 scientific papers. Esophageal atony (from the Greek atonia - "weakening" - loss of normal muscle tone) can occur with lesions of both the central (with cerebral hemorrhages, brain tumors, head injuries, poliomyelitis, etc.), and the peripheral nervous system (lesion vagus nerve, nerve plexuses of the esophagus), as well as the muscular membrane of the esophagus (myasthenia gravis, systemic scleroderma, etc.).

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With atony of the esophagus, there is a swallowing disorder that occurs when eating dry and poorly chewed food, as well as when eating in the supine position.

With atony of the pharyngeal-esophageal sphincter, swallowing is difficult and choking occurs due to the fact that the contents of the esophagus enter the respiratory tract. Spastic esophageal dyskinesia (esophagospasm) is a functional disease in which there is a narrowing of the lumen of the esophagus. Primary esophagospasm appears with disturbances in the work of the central nervous system, secondary (reflex, symptomatic) - withinflammation of the esophagus, peptic ulcer and gallstone disease, or diseases accompanied by a general convulsive syndrome, for example, epilepsy.

Dyspasm of the esophagus is characterized by a violation of swallowing (dysphagia) when taking liquids and is absent when swallowing dense and mushy food.

Dysphagia is the main symptom of spastic dyskinesia, and it occurs with malnutrition. The reason is dry and poorly chewed, very hot or very cold food. If you rush when eating, or, conversely, lie down, dysphagia is quite possible. Dysphagia is also provoked by smoking, alcohol, extractive substances, etc. In people with a psychopathic personality, it can be psychogenic, as well as a conditioned reflex nature.

There is a well-known example when a patient experienced pronounced esophagospasm on a regular basis on the way from home to work and back, and every time in the same place.

Dysphagia, as it happened, when the patient, on the advice of a doctor, changed the route. Dysphagia patients feel as heaviness behind the sternum and difficulty in passing food through the esophagus. She is fickle. sometimes occurs several times a month, sometimes at every meal. It usually proceeds in waves - periods of completely normal well-being are possible. By the way, long-term and persistent dysphagia can even lead to exhaustion.

Validol, nitroglycerin, fluid intake of a certain temperature, several deep breaths can be called as methods that stop esophagospasm.

Some patients develop whole rituals (breathing, various movements) that temporarily relieve them of suffering, which indicates the psychogenic nature of the disease. Although there are many therapeutic agents today, the treatment of all types of crestor dyskinesias in most cases is symptomatic - it eliminates only the symptoms of the disease. Exceptions are secondary dyskinesias that require elimination of the underlying pathology.

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